What to Expect

The Day Of:

  • Apply sunscreen at home before class.
  • Bring two dry towels.
  • Swim diapers are mandatory for those who are not potty trained.
  • Please trim nails and pull hair back off the face.
  • Swimmers in the Beginner and Intermediate classes are encouraged to not wear goggles.  If swimmers are used to them they may be worn, however, they can very easily become a distraction.  Swimmers in the swim team prep classes are encouraged to wear goggles, as they would be expected to on a swim team.
  • There will be access to a bathroom.  However, it is encouraged for children to come and go in their swim suits.
  • There is a swingset in my backyard.  Children not swimming may play on the playground.  However, these children need to be supervised by an adult at all times and may not be a distraction to those children in the water.  I will ask the parents to be sensitive to the needs of the children in the water and monitor nonswimming children accordingly.


  • Deposit is due by May 1st.
  • Balance is due on the first day of class.
  • I will confirm your class date and time after I receive your deposit  and the weekend before your child’s class by email. If you need to make any changes, please call immediately!